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Velasquez Music, internationally renowned for its' facility, talent, and experienced staff. The studio has many facets which has earned distinction and a loyal following in each. From the rooms V-Music helped design and build; to the capable talents of its staff, the standard has only ever been excellence. The credits and honors speak for themselves. This year V-Music is proud to be part of (3) Grammy nominations with Jay Perez, Rebecca Valadez and Chente Barrera (2007 Grammy Winner). V-Music has been helping musicians sound their best for over 15 years as an established business, and for over 25 years when you count the early days at Manny Guerra's Amen Studios. This explains the true ground-up experience upon which the studio is based. V-Music can help you add a new dimension to the aspects of the business you know inside and out. When you have a studio and producer/engineer you trust, you can feel free to perform or produce at your best. This trust in V-Music and its staff, along with the comfortable, friendly atmosphere is why artists come back time and again.While our web site is an attempt to tell you all you might like to know about the studio and our staff, we hope you'll give us a call or pay us a visit. We love seeing our family grow!